Terms and conditions / distance contract

     Latvian law provides that the online store owner has to describe the purchase of goods and return regulations, as well as the rights to refuse. Such understanding reached between the seller and the buyer is known as a distance contract. This online store of products offered by the seller on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as Seller, and the person who makes an order, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, on the other hand, enter into the following Agreement:

   Seller agrees to sell and deliver the goods to the Buyer according to Buyer's order. More information about the distance contract terms you can find here: http://likumi.lv/doc.php?id=62580

Procedure of delivery and payment

     Buyer shall order goods through this website, indicating the type of goods and the ordered quantity. The seller prepares the bill appropriate to an order and sends it to Purchaser by e-mail. The invoice is prepared electronically and is valid without a signature.

Purchase process:

1. Choose a product from the product catalog (model, color, etc.). *

2. Use the icon: Add to Cart *

3. On the right corner of the display you will see your order.

Then click on the icon: Chekout *

4. Fill out the order form, providing the necessary information.

Select your preferred delivery method and click on the icon: Continue *

5. Order Confirmation. On the screen you will see your order

its amount, together with the delivery costs in €. To confirm your order click on the icon: Chekout *

6. You will see the message "Thank you! Your order was received." *

* Payment is available by bank transfer. After receiving the order we will send you an invoice by e-mail. We will deliver your selected order after the payment have receipt to our account. Product delivery will be made in 2-3 working days.

All product prices includes VAT 21%


     The seller's online store offers goods warranty what is provided in accorded with the manufacturer's product warranty conditions, but not less than 2 years.

Rights to refuse 

     You can use the right to refuse and return the goods within 14 calendar days from the date when you have received the goods in your property, without giving any explanations about the reasons why you returning them. To use the rights of refuse, you have to fill and send (by mail, sending a letter or e-mail) withdrawal form, that clearly informing SIA "Deal 4 You", legal address: Kartupeļu street 48a-11, Riga, LV-1058, phone: 28628459, e-mail: [email protected] about the decision to refuse from the order. To use the rights to refuse from the order you have to send out us the withdrawal form before the 14 day period is over. Click on the link to download the withdrawal form:


     The rights of refuse will expire after 14 days from the date on which you or a third party, you have named received orders. To avoid confusion, make sure the goods fully comply with the ordered - model, color, size, etc. essential characteristics.

     If you refuse from this agreement, SIA "Deal 4 You" will repay all your costs given in this distance contract, including the cost of delivery (except for the additional costs incurred because you chose a type of delivery other than our proposed cheapest standard delivery way).You will get that refund no later than 14 days from the date of SIA "Deal 4 You" were aware of your decision to refuse from this contract. SIA "Deal 4 You" can detain money refund until the buyer has not sent back the recived product  wich he wants to return.

     Using the rights to refuse you will have to bear the direct cost of return of goods, unless SIA "Deal 4 You" has agreed to bear that cost.

     Remember, when you send back a product, you should make sure that it is well packed for transportation. You are responsible for damage to goods that have emerged during the return delivery.

     In case if you want to refuse from goods, send them back to the address: Riga, Kartupeļu street 48a-11, LV-1058. Remember to add the purchase receipt and withdrawal form!

We will do our best to guarantee that the return procedure runs as soon as possible and do not cause you unnecessary worries.

The general rules on consumer rights and obligations you can reed here: http://likumi.lv/doc.php?mode=DOC&id=23309

Data processing

     By entering information required to make an order, the Buyer declares that he has read and agrees that his data provided are used to Seller, so he can make the order and make the delivery of goods according to the current agreement. Buyer agrees to receive the specified e-mail notifications that will be send out in connection with Buyer's order processing. Any kind of information republication from The Case Market.lv without written permission is strictly prohibited.

Where there is any questions, please call or write us: [email protected]